The Cat’s Meow


Author: Emily Carmichael

Bookstore Classification: Romance

Readers: Adult – geared toward women

Similar to: Meg Cabot adult series, but with more substance and better grammar.

The Cat’s Meowis part of Emily Carmichael’s unnamed series involving owners and their matchmaker pets. In The Cat’s Meow, McKenna Wright is a big shot attorney working on a high profile case when she drives off the side of a cliff and ends up with amnesia. She now has to learn about who she was and what everyone thought of her and to top it all off her cat is speaking to her all the while her opponent cowboy attorney, Tom Markham, is trying to help her discover who she can be now. During all this turmoil she has someone after her. Is all this an accident? Does she return to her old self? What happens next?

This is a great fast read with twists and turns. It rolls up fiction, mystery, humor, romance, and animals all in one. You will be introduce to her kooky friends who you can read their stories in other Emily Carmichael titles such as the next book in the series, A New Leash On Life. The only part I did not enjoy as much is the whole idea of the cat trying to play matchmaker and actually communicating in human speech with her owner.

Even though the cat communication sequences were funny and played off well because of her amnesia it made the story less believable. This is the second book of hers I have read and I plan to complete the series. They can be read out of order and the books are hard to come by. I have not been able to find them in any bookstore except for used bookstores or online. Recommendation: Summer beach read.

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