The Raw Shark Texts


Author: Steven Hall

Bookstore Classification: Fiction

Reader: Adult

This book was slightly bizarre, but I enjoyed it.  Set in modern day, the premise of the book is about a man who wakes up and has no memory.  His memory is so depleted he doesn’t know his own name, he has no understanding of current events or social structures; he is basically a shell with basic motor functions.  However, the story progresses and you realize his house is designed for the disease he has.

There is a picture of a jeep on his kitchen wall with a note next to it that says “this is your car,” his cat wears a tag that says, “hello, my name is Ian. I am your cat” and so on.  I won’t tell you the rest because there is a tremendous surprise about 1/3 of the way in the book when the author reveals what is truly happening to this man.  But it is spectacular.

If you enjoy language, you will love this book.  Hall does a tremendous job of developing the life of this man.  I enjoyed not being the third party and knowing something the main character doesn’t know.  The reader gets to discover aspects of the main character’s personality, his history and lifestyle at the same time as the character.

I will say it is a little anticlimactic at the end, and Hall tries to integrate reincarnation throughout the story, but doesn’t do it well.  I almost feel as if he couldn’t decide whether or not he actually wanted that element in the story and kind of threw it in haphazardly.  Everyone I’ve recommended this book to has loved it, and I especially recommend it for guys that want something a little bit more literary, but don’t want to get into soppy human interest stories.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I did not like this book. So disappointing! It started out with so much promise. It felt like the first and second halves were written by different people.

    I thought the character development was really poor. I hated the female character. And the main character became more annoying as the book went on.

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