A Lucky Child


Author: Thomas Buergenthal

Bookstore Classification: Biographies & Memoirs – Historical & Political, Holocaust History (Jewish History)

Readers: Teens (High School) – Adults

Similar to: Elie Wiesel’s Night

A Lucky Child is a memoir of a young boy, Thomas Buergenthal, who survived Auschwitz and his time after being liberated and living in Germany post WWII. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, author, professor, political activist, and Nobel Laureate, writes the forward for this book. This book was a captivating read for me even though I have read many books detailing the Holocaust; it seems some new chapter unfolds with some type of torture that you have not encountered before.

Although the book is about the authors’ time through the many different camps he encountered, he did not go into much detail. He explains in his preface that he suppressed many of the details during that time therefore causing him to mix up times, dates, and whether he had actually witnessed the events or heard about them. This part of the book did feel somewhat choppy, but all is pardoning with his forewarning in the preface.

I did however enjoy learning about what happened after he was liberated from Auschwitz because so many books end at the liberation and not explain how things were after they were liberated. At the end of the book he does go off on a tangent about other country genocides, but then neatly ties it into the lessons we should have learned from the Holocaust. If you are truly fascinated in learning about our past and about survival stories then you will find that this book will feed into your interest.

Click here to see author interview.

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