BoneMan’s Daughters


Author: Ted Dekker

Bookstore Classification: Mystery/Thriller

Readers: Adults

Boneman’s Daughters is a psychological thriller. A serial killer, a.k.a. The Boneman, is in search of the perfect daughter. He has abducted six girls and has murdered them all by breaking their bones without breaking their skin. Each of them could not fulfill his expectations of the “ideal daughter.”  The Boneman’s next prey is the daughter of an intelligence officer who has been and absentee father for most of his daughter’s life. Unfortunately for him the FBI now suspects him to be The Boneman. Can the father save his daughter or is he really the Boneman himself?

Sounds great and suspenseful, right? Well it definitely was none of those adjectives. The author uses most of the first quarter or more of the book to depict the tragedy that intelligence officer endured through war. I do understand why he felt like that was a central part of the story, but I felt it dragged out and that in the end one chapter on the subject would have sufficed. The Boneman did not even enter in the picture until chapter fourteen.

I felt the author was trying to use this book as a platform by putting as many clichés as he could in the book. For example, he covered the topics of war, religion, teenagers cutting, obsessions with beauty, and government systems. Dekker also liked to explain the characters thought in threes by repeating the subsequent sentence, “There two things that…three that he…”  I also felt that the author would read some interesting fact while completing his research for the book and would stick it in the story even though it was unnecessary information. Case in point, Dekker went into long drawn out descriptions of the science behind breaking bones.

This book is however graphic and sometimes nauseating. The details and usage of descriptive words for when the bones were breaking were down right hard to read. The Boneman’s obsession with lathering up with lotion was disgusting. This book also uses many biblical references (come to find out the author is a former Christian author). The connection between The Boneman and officer’s daughter was pointless. The synopsis of this book was enough to grab my attention, but I had to force myself to finish the book. I do not recommend this selection!

Author’s interview on the Boneman’s Daughters.

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