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Our Story

We were all individuals who met through work at a bookstore. Early twenty-somethings all with the ambition to get involved with the publishing  world. Through our joy of reading we came up with the idea book reviewing instead of a book club and all having to read the same book. A group of now close-knit friends who like all different genres bring you their love of reading and share their knowledge of books with you. It’s now your decision to want to spend the money or time on something that will introduce to another world.


Our Mission

We hope to review new books to help provide the information needed for our followers to choose the best books out there that ping their interests. We also want to help new and upcoming authors share their works and provide interviews for our followers to learn more about these unknown authors. We love to read and we love books; we just want for others to join in on our love of submersing oursleves in new adventures and new worlds.


Join Our Contact List

To join our e-mail list for updates on new posts and author interviews, please e-mail us at booksellersreview@gmail.com.



If you are an author and would like for one of our members to review your book, please contact us at booksellersreview@gmail.com.



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